Contact our members

Scientix is a thriving community platform that helps you get in touch with other people, projects and organisations in science education across Europe, and the world! All registered users of the Scientix online portal can contact other members, as long as their privacy settings allow it and it is not for commercial use. The Scientix match-making tool and the Scientix chat make it possible for users to contact each other directly in real-time!

The Scientix match-making tool

The Scientix match-making tool allows researchers and project managers to contact members of the Scientix community (teachers and other education professionals) and invite them to collaborate on their STEM education projects and initiatives.

The tool is primarily intended to facilitate contacts between science teachers and science education projects: you can search through the public profile directory by any relevant profession (e.g. secondary teachers, headmasters, etc.), country or expertise, and directly contact the selected members. Use the filters below and then click on the "Search" button; you will then be able to submit your message.

To use the match-making tool you must be yourself a registered member of the Scientix community and must be signed in. If you want to be contacted through the tool, enable this feature in your public profile.

All messages are moderated by the Scientix team.

The Scientix chat

Once you are registered and are signed in as a user of the Scientix online portal, you can use the Scientix chat. Immediately after you login to the portal, you will see a new grey bar appear at the bottom of the website. Similar to Facebook Messenger, you can click on the “online friends” tab in the corner to the far right to see who else is logged in. By clicking on the user you are interested in, you can start your conversation. It’s that simple!

By clicking on the “Settings” tab, you can customise the chat’s functionalities. You can add a personal message, disable the chat or set notifications for new messages.