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Welcome to the SEER publications gallery.

Here, you will find research and analysis papers that will help you understand the value of STE(A)M teaching and learning.

Recommendation documents, policy briefs and impact assessment tools will support all types of stakeholders in future STE(A)M education activities, while systematic observation and compiling of STE(A)M Initiatives will offer guidance on navigating EU-integrated STEM projects and continuous professional development for teachers.

The SEER’s outputs will map opportunities and challenges to the implementation of STE(A)M, highlight strategies, practitioners’ needs, and policy considerations, producing solutions to mainstream STE(A)M education in Europe.

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Policy Brief 1WHITE PAPER – STE(A)M Education for All: Mapping the Path AheadMapping of STE(A)M Education practices and policies: Current TrendsFocus Group Results: Distribute Leadership in Schools for STE(A)M Education


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Focus Group Results: Access to STE(A)M Resources for Teachers and Schools


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