The EU-funded (H2020) InterLynk project is innovating in the field of guided tissue regeneration, a process essential for restoring function after bone or joint injuries when natural healing is insufficient.

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The rise in plastic pollution is evident, with impacts from plastics so small they are invisible to the naked eye. These micro- and nano-plastic particles (MNPs), ranging from sub-five-millimeter down to the nanometer scale, are a growing concern for both environmental and human health due to their presence in our food and the environment.

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Environmental Sustainability: SDGSTEAM


SDGSTEAM aims to make students understand environmental sustainability as a holistic concept: the increasing pace of life, energy consumption and climate change cause the depletion of resources and pollution of nature.

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Lionfish E+


The project concerns the intersection of 360VR viewing with working on STEAM activities and visualization tools.

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STEAM4Climate - STEAM Education to raise awareness about Climate Change challenges and prepare learners to become true agents of change


The STEM4Climate project aims to develop interdisciplinary curriculum, playful scenarios, hands-on projects, toolkit & resources for climate education with a project-based methodology & STEAM approach. In this way we want to offer a climate education attractive, meaningful and strengthening students abilities to shape their local environment in sustainable way. We want students to become agents of change after delivering the curriculum by open, trained, interdisciplinary teachers.

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