You broke all records!

This year's campaign was a big success!

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New Scientix TV episode!

Learn about the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence in education!

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Scientix TV

Join the STEM Out of the Box MOOC

Discover a STEM approach to non-STEM subjects.

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Atlas of Roadmaps to STE(A)M Education

Discover The SEER, Road-STEAMer, and SENSE projects.

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2023 Back to School Campaign


Join the Nature-based Climate Shelters in Schools: Empowering Teachers for Sustainable Education MOOC

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12 Years supporting STEM education

How time flies! Scientix has supported STEM teachers in Europe (and beyond) for 12 years. In this video, we share some of the insights gathered since the start of the project.


Latest project


Environmental Sustainability: SDGSTEAM

SDGSTEAM aims to make students understand environmental sustainability as a holistic concept:
 the increasing pace of life, energy consumption and climate change cause the depletion of resources and pollution of nature.

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Kids & Codes Digi-STEM Project

Kids & Codes Digi-STEM Project was selected by the Scientix STE(A)M Partnership “Education Resilience in Europe”. The project aims to equip STEM educators with the technical and teaching skills required to encourage young students from different cultural and language backgrounds to gain the necessary tools to create tech projects relevant to their communities and cultures.

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Latest News


The SEER makes STE(A)M Education policy EASY

The SEER project is developing a roadmap that will pave the way for the policy and institutional changes necessary for the large-scale implementation and mainstreaming of STE(A)M education in Europe. The SEER Policy Digest provides an accessible summary of the current European policy landscape around STE(A)M education and offers some actionable recommendations for policymakers.

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The 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign broke all records!

All good things must come to an end, and so must the 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign. However, this year’s results are a cause for celebration! With the helping hand of the Life Terra project, the initiative has seen an unprecedented increase in activities, highlighting the global commitment to promoting STEM education.

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