You broke all records!

This year's campaign was a big success!

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New Scientix TV episode!

Learn about the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence in education!

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Scientix TV

Join the STEM Out of the Box MOOC

Discover a STEM approach to non-STEM subjects.

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Atlas of Roadmaps to STE(A)M Education

Discover The SEER, Road-STEAMer, and SENSE projects.

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2023 Back to School Campaign


Join the Nature-based Climate Shelters in Schools: Empowering Teachers for Sustainable Education MOOC

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12 Years supporting STEM education

How time flies! Scientix has supported STEM teachers in Europe (and beyond) for 12 years. In this video, we share some of the insights gathered since the start of the project.


Latest project


OUTDOOR STE(A)M: Outdoor learning in Early Childhood Education and Care and primary schools using age-appropriate technology and the STE(A)M approach

OUTSTE(A)M is revolutionizing early childhood education with a groundbreaking toolkit designed to spark curiosity, critical thinking, creativity in young learners and to transform outdoor learning into a dynamic STE(A)M adventure!

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Extend.(D.T.)2, Extending Design Thinking with Emerging Digital Technologies

ExtenDT2 uses design-based research to support/provide evidence for pedagogical transformation via Design Thinking enhanced by Emerging Technologies. The project employs already institutionalized, home-grown and open-access digital expressive media of advanced technical readiness for students to engage in Design Thinking projects.

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Latest News


Shape the Future of Soil Education!

The LOESS project, part of the Horizon Europe initiative, is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive online questionnaire aimed at educators across Europe. Your input will help us develop innovative teaching materials and learning opportunities tailored to the needs identified by educators like you.

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The Carbon Act's Curriculum Analysis Points to Opportunities to Integrate Climate Change Education in European Curricula

This report offers a simple overview of climate change education in European countries and provides valuable insights for schools and educators wishing to implement quality sustainability education. Climate change and sustainability education are key to ensuring that future generations are equipped to understand and deal with climate change, and that they actively engage in the preservation of the Earth’s natural capital.

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