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New Scientix TV episode!

Teach green: integrate sustainability and nature-based solutions into the classroom!

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Scientix TV

Join the STEM Out of the Box MOOC

Discover a STEM approach to non-STEM subjects.

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Atlas of Roadmaps to STE(A)M Education

Discover The SEER, Road-STEAMer, and SENSE projects.

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2023 Back to School Campaign


Join the Nature-based Climate Shelters in Schools: Empowering Teachers for Sustainable Education MOOC

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12 Years of Scientix

How time flies! Scientix has been around for more than a decade. In this video, we share some of the insights gathered since the start of the project.


Latest project


STEAM4Climate - STEAM Education to raise awareness about Climate Change challenges and prepare learners to become true agents of change

The STEM4Climate project aims to develop interdisciplinary curriculum, playful scenarios, hands-on projects, toolkit & resources for climate education with a project-based methodology & STEAM approach.

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ARIES, Augmented and immersive Reality for Improved Education in Schools in Europe

The ARIES project, an ambitious initiative at the forefront of educational innovation, aims to revolutionize the learning experience for secondary school students and teachers through the integration of Augmented and Immersive Reality (A&IR) technologies

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Latest News


CROPS: Growing Citizen Science Across Europe

In January 2024, a new Horizon Europe project kicked off. CROPS: Curating, Replicating, Orchestrating, and Propagating Citizen Science across Europe is a three-year initiative with a clear mission: support and grow Citizen Science initiatives across Europe.

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Insights from the SLEs Second reflection workshop

On Wednesday 20th of March, the SLEs project organized its second reflection workshop. The event was an opportunity to bring together all the actors engaged in the piloting of a STE(A)M Learning Ecology (National Coordinators, initiators and stakeholders), to exchange experiences and good practices, discuss about challenges and plan for the upcoming scale-up phase.

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Educators Engage with the SEER Project and STE(A)M Education during a Future Classroom Lab Workshop !

On the 18th of March, the SEER Project organised a 1.5h workshop with the 23 teachers attending the week-long Future Classroom Lab course in Brussels. Educators were introduced to the SEER project and its first results, they learned about the integration of STEM and non-STEM subjects under the STE(A)M approach, explored student-centered pedagogies underpinning this practice, and reflected on the role of STE(A)M education in helping students develop 21st century skills. 

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