TOPIC 2: The role of teachers in new educational environments TOPIC 2: The role of teachers in new educational environments

With the constant evolution in pedagogical approaches, the role of teachers and educators also evolves. In particular, by implementing the concept of the Flipped Classroom, lessons become less teacher-centered and more student-centered. In that sense, how does this affect the role of educators?

On the one hand, lessons are no longer structured in a way in which content is just delivered, nor is the teacher the one doing it. Instead, the educator takes the role of a facilitator of learning. This new role has the advantages of, for instance, being able to work with students in smalls groups and of making one-on-one interaction possible. As a result, teachers can gain a clearer idea of the students' different levels, so they can tailor their instruction to the needs of each one.

On the other hand, the use of ICT is posing even further changes in education, vastly affecting the teachers work and their professional development. The incorporation of new technologies is, as we have seen, affecting the type of activities to be done in the classroom as well as the pedagogical approaches (without technolgy, the flipped classroom wouldn't be possible, for a start).

In the future, learning is expected to become much more personalized, collaborative and informal as well as supported by flexible and dynamic virtual environments and by a range of tools facilitating learning inside and outside the classroom.


  • How do you think the role of the teacher should shift in the future? What should be the primary role of the educator?
  • What is your opinion on the use of ICT in the classroom for this type of scenarios?
  • What are your expectations for the classroom of the future?



My Future Classroom

My Future Classroom
11/27/15 10:27 AM
The future classroom that I would like to see makes more use of technology.
High speed WiFi throughout the school.
Paper textbooks and copies replaced by tablet devices that can sync seamlessly with desktop/laptop in the students home.
Itextbooks that the student can add notes and other materials to.
Each teacher would have access to their students learning through an lms similar to Moodle. Courses may be adapted to each students needs and abilities.
Assessment of students to make use of this technology by students creating their portfolios.
More technical support will be needed if the teachr is to concentrate on the pedagogy, instead of spending a lot of time on the mechanics of the system.
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RE: My Future Classroom
11/28/15 11:30 AM as a reply to Michael O'Leary.
Hi, Michael

Sounds great but this kind of scenario should include good IT specialists in schools, who can help teachers with technical problems and lots of money to buy new hard-and software all the time and families who have new technology at home. Sometimes it's easier to take a paper book because it works all the time, there is lots of trouble with technology and IT support is not at hand every minute (because they earn better money in other places) etc. this can be a realistic view on the situation in many schools. Of course schools must change, but teachers and learning to learn are still important.
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RE: My Future Classroom
11/29/15 3:14 PM as a reply to Michael O'Leary.
Creating Future classroom is a continual process, technologies should be used effectively. It is essential to think about what software and hardware are we going to implement in class. It is important to choose right e-learning methods and content, mobil applications... It is difficult to innovate senzor systems open harder platform, operation systems are not ready for all kind of implementations. In tablet technologies many incompatible apps are being used, even interactive tablets don't have compatibile outputs. I have tablets, notebooks, sezor systems, robotics, automatized measuring systems in the classroom but I still feel we don't use them effectively, a lot of time is dedicated to new apps. When the modern technologies are used, always the student, educational content and mentoring in gaining education. Technologies aren't supposed to be an aim but a tool for effective education.
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