COP 5: 23th of March - 23rd of April COP 5: 23th of March - 23rd of April

STEM Education in Primary Schools


The world we live in is built on science and technology: we depend on it and understanding it is vital to function and to make conscious decisions that will shape our future. In that sense, and in order to assume a baseline of citizen knowledge, we need to educate future generations. And what better way than starting with the youngest ones?  

In this Community of Practice we will discuss issues related to teaching STEM in primary education (what is scientific literacy? Why science teaching is very limited in early schooling? why should we invest more on it?) and we will try to develop a guide for best practices addressed to primary science teachers.

Between the 23th of March and the 3rd of April 2015 learn about the topic and join the discussion by accessing:


Cornelia Melcu is a primary school teacher in Brasov, Romania with a master in Educational management and human resources. Additionally, she is a teacher trainer of Preparatory Class Curriculum, Google Application in Education Course and European Projects Course and a mentor to new teachers and students in university too. She is also a Scientix deputy ambassador and an eTwinning ambassador and a prize winner in several competitions like eTwinning Awards and other national and international competitions. She was a Comenius project coordinator and now is involved in the Erasmus+ program. She also participates in many extracurricular activities and projects for motivating students in school topics

Martina Kupilíková is a teacher from Czech Republic. She has a degree in Natural Sciences and Teaching Mathematics at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. She teaches Math, Physics and ICT. Her pupils are 12-15 years old. She is the ICT Coordinator in her school. Martina is engaged in different EUN Projects, such as Spice and iTEC. She has been involved in the inGenious project for three years. At the moment, she is a Scientix and eTwinning Ambassador for the Czech Republic. She is a lecturer in Regional Training Center in Pilsen. Martina is one of authors of the Teachers online handbook for educators The Web We Want.




The Scientix Communities of Practice (CoP) entail a moderated online forum, leaded by a designated expert, where STEM teachers will be able to discuss on science and technology subjects.

In this space you will find a basic presentation on the topic, paired with a series of useful resources as topic guidelines. Participants will find an array of open questions to inquire and discuss about.

The objective of the CoP is to let the participants engage and discuss with each other on those questions they are more interested in, to end up formulating a series of final ideas or conclusions.