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Start the new scholar year with Scientix’s second Community of Practice!  For this CoP, we have included two very popular topics that will help you further your teaching methodological approaches and gather new resources, lesson plans and activities for your classroom.

For the first week, you will have the opportunity to discuss on Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE), show your experiences and lessons learned, display ideas to implement in the classroom and share resources and lesson plans with other STEM colleagues.

During the second week, we will dig on how new digital technologies are transforming the way in which STEM subjects are taught at the same time you will be able to share your favorite high-tech tools and activities to perform in the classroom.


Between the 15th and the 26th of September 2014 learn about the topic and join the discussion by accessing:


Dagmar Raab is a professional educator with more than 30 years of experience. Additionally, sºhe has worked for about 10 years in large scaled projects aiming at development of Science and Math education

Stavros Nikou is a Physics and Informatics teacher in public secondary education in Greece. He is also a PhD researcher in the Computer Networks and Telematics Applications Lab in the University of Macedonia, Greece. His research interests are Technology Enhanced Learning, Mobile Learning and Assessment and Science Education.

Herrman Morgenbesser works in Klosterneuburg International SchoolHe teaches Computer Science, Statistics, Digital Business and he leads the ICT Management Department in his school. Hermann Morgenbesser is engaged in different EUN Projects (Scientix, Ingenious, iTEC, LSL)

Patricia Corieri is a research engineer at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Brussels. She has extensive experience in European STEM projects, such as Fibonnaci.



Check the "Conclusions and Policy Recommendations" here!

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Communities of practice Communities of practice

The Scientix Communities of Practice (CoP) entail a moderated online forum, leaded by a designated expert, where STEM teachers will be able to discuss on science and technology subjects.

In this space you will find a basic presentation on the topic, paired with a series of useful resources as topic guidelines. Participants will find an array of open questions to inquire and discuss about.

The objective of the CoP is to let the participants engage and discuss with each other on those questions they are more interested in, to end up formulating a series of final ideas or conclusions.


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