Scientix Community of Practice (07 - 20 July 2014)

Scientific activities and the general public

During this Community of Practice (CoP) we are going to examine questions linked to the relation between scientific activities and the general public. Changes in society must be reflected in the scientific community who, at the same time, needs to support and engage on science-related initiatives.

During two weeks we are going to work on citizen science, as a way to enhance the relationship between individuals and the scientific community and examine by which means this relation can be reinforced and which are the challenges that us, as society and individuals, must face.

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Fermin Serrano Sanz is the Executive Director at Fundacion Ibercivis and the Citizen Science Research Group Leader at Instituto de Biocomputacion y Fisica de Sistemas Complejos - BIFI. Fermin has a Masters degree in Innovation Management and Computer Science.


Dr. Chrystalla Lymbouridou teaches science at Agios Styliano School Lakatamia, Cyprus and is Scientix Deputy Ambassador for Cyprus. Chrystalla has a PhD in Science Education from the University of Sheffield


Dr. Valentina Amorese completed a PhD in Sociology at the London School of Economics in 2010 with a thesis on the relationship between science and society comparing Italy to the UK on genetically modified organisms.  She collaborated with research centres and universities on a number of projected related to science with, and for society. In January 2014 she started working on the RRI Tools project at Fondazione Cariplo.



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The Scientix Communities of Practice (CoP) entail a moderated online forum, leaded by a designated expert, where STEM teachers will be able to discuss on science and technology subjects.

In this space you will find a basic presentation on the topic, paired with a series of useful resources as topic guidelines. Participants will find an array of open questions to inquire and discuss about.

The objective of the CoP is to let the participants engage and discuss with each other on those questions they are more interested in, to end up formulating a series of final ideas or conclusions.


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