Translation on demand

Did you find an interesting learning resource in Scientix teaching materials? If it is not in your preferred language, you can request a translation via the 'translation on demand service'. The service is free of charge and available only through the Scientix website

How does it work?
If the teaching material is eligible for the service, a “Request translation” line appears at the bottom of the page of the specific teaching material. Whether or not a teaching resource is available for translation depends on the copyright conditions under which the material is distributed. For a teaching resource to be eligible for the translation on demand service, the licence must allow modifications and derived works. More details can be found at

A user requests a translation by selecting the language into which he/she wants the specific material to be translated. This is done by clicking the language code under the “Request translation” line on the descrition page of the material.

request translation

A pop-up-window will show whether other users have already requested the same material to be translated into the same language.

If no translation demand has been created for this specific material and language combination, an automatic message will confirm the request.

request confirmation

When a teaching material has reached three requests for a language, the Scientix team will check the requests, and if accepted, it will be translated. The resources accepted for translation will be published on the Scientix portal after one week to two months, depending on the length of the resource. The requesters will be notified by e-mail, once the translated resources have been published.

Translations are available into the official languages from European Union countries, territories, and regions, and FP7 associate countries: 

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Bosnian
  3. Catalan
  4. Czech
  5. Welsh
  6. Danish

  7. German
  8. Greek
  9. Spanish
  10. Basque
  11. Estonian
  12. Finnish

  13. French
  14. Irish
  15. Hebrew
  16. Croatian
  17. Galician
  18. Hungarian

  19. Icelandic
  20. Lithuanian
  21. Latvian
  22. Macedonian
  23. Italian
  24. Maltese

  25. Norwegian
  26. Polish
  27. Portuguese
  28. Romanian
  29. Dutch
  30. Slovak

  31. Slovenian
  32. Albanian
  33. Serbian
  34. Swedish
  35. Turkish

Only requests which fulfil the following criteria will be processed: 

  • User asking for translation must be registered on the Scientix website.
  • User asking for translation must be a teacher and/or the material will be used only for educational purposes.
  • The same translation is requested by several different users.

Priority is given to:

  • topics which are not yet translated, as against topics which already have materials in several languages;
  • languages in which fewer materials are available as against languages in which more materials are available.

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