Relate: Research labs for teaching journalists


RELATE brought scientists face to face with the next generation journalists.

The project selected 80 final year students from different European journalism schools and organised for each of them a visit to a leading research laboratory in Europe. The young journalists then ‘related' their experience, producing articles, audio and video materials about the research carried out in the lab visited and its impact on society.

The aims of the project were:
•    To enhance dialogue between researchers and journalists to start professional relationships
•    To provide editors with stories and articles ready-to-be published, radio or TV programmes,
•    To set up partnership between journalists and research laboratories in Europe

RELATE also organised a final workshop in January 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, with researchers and journalists, media, European Commission representatives and others stakeholders to present and debate on the project results and on the relations between the media and science.

Basic information

Country: Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey

Coordinator: MINERVA Consulting & Communication Sprl., Belgium,

Programme: FP7

Project Acronym:

Target groups:

Topic: Education, Other

Start year: 2009

End year: 2011


Contact person: Hinano Spreafico Droume de Festi, MINERVA Consulting & Communication Sprl., hinano (at)

The aims of the project concerning researchers:
•    Set up new channels and opportunities for collaboration with the media and journalists;
•    To present researchers the working process of the media and journalists

The research laboratories involved in the project:
•    BILKENT University, Nanotechnology Research Centre, Turkey
•    ENEA Casaccia, Italy
•    EPFL research facilities, Switzerland
•    European Laboratory for non-Linear  Spectroscopy (LENS), Italy
•    INRA-Neurobiologie de l'Olfaction et Modelisation en Imagerie (NOeMI), France
•    The Institute of Photonic Sciences , Spain
•    Von Karman Institute, Aeronautics and Aerospace research laboratories, Belgium
•    European Southern Observatory,  Germany
•    Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany
•    Haus der Astronomie, Germany
•    Estación Biológica de Doñana , Spain
•    Universitá di Bologna. Italy
•    Institut de Recherche pour l'Ingénierie de l'Agriculture et de l'Environnement,  France

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