ICT for Innovative Science Teachers


ICT for IST offer new approaches to teacher training in the use of ICT in the classroom supported by the instructional material, online resources and demonstration videos.

The project is a follow-up activity on a previous project IT for US (Information Technology for Understanding Science) which produced training material for teachers to help them develop skills in using ICT in the classroom.

The aim of ICT for IST was to extend the results of IT for US, both in terms of enhancing the depth of its contents and heightening its relevance and appeal to a greater number of countries.

The training materials produced present and explain the use of different ICT tools in the classroom. Together they form the ICT for IST Pack:

•    A Resource Guide for Science Teachers and Trainers
•    12 learning modules, each focusing on a specific topic in biology, chemistry or physics
•    Software Resources supporting the classroom activities
•    Video Resources for assisting training programmes and self-study.

The pack is available on a single DVD or online on the project website.

The project also organised pilot courses and several workshops for science teachers and teacher trainers.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education (OEIiZK), Poland, www.oeiizk.waw.pl

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, researchers, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Biology, Computer science, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Software engineering

Start year: 2009

Url: http://ictforist.oeiizk.waw.pl

Contact person: Elżbieta Kawecka, Osrodek Edukacji Informatycznej i Zastosowan Komputerow, elka (at) oeiizk.waw.pl

For the researchers the aim is to adapt existing materials with a view to increasing their quality in response to evaluation issues arising from the previous project. It is also hoped that an improved selection of exemplars can be provided to support existing methodologies.

Final materials must encompass the integration of differing ICT methods such as data logging, modelling, video measurement and methods based on constructivist theory of education in order to offer enhanced methods of training for teachers which will in turn lead to supporting and scaffolding teachers in their delivery of science education incorporating ICT.

Each learning module produced by the project focuses on a single science topic. It includes teachers' notes that support the implementation of the activities and commentaries intended to develop teachers' pedagogical understanding of the new methods.

They offer a series of exemplars which illustrate and explain the special teaching and learning opportunities afforded by the use of ICT. Teachers are free to choose only those that best fit their needs and the needs of their students.

In a similar manner, the activities contained within each module are not intended to present a linear sequence of lesson tasks. Rather, the activities should be used selectively according to the training or teaching context.

The Resource Guide presents the tools and software used for the learning modules and an overview of the modules and their pedagogical underpinnings.


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