KeyTTT – Teamwork, Training and Technology for development of Key Competencies


Would you like your students to work in a research-in-action problem-solving approach to Maths and Science? If so, KeyTTT is the project for you.

This is a very broad-based project with the potential to have a very significant, positive impact on the delivery of curricula in the areas of Maths and Science in lower secondary school.

The thrust of the project is towards developing resources which will enhance students' own capacities to achieve to their optimum levels in these curricular areas. The resources should help develop students' creativity and key skills, such as digital competences, learning to learn, or entrepreneurship.

The results of the KeyTTT project represent an integrated solution to support teachers in lower secondary schools in adopting a problem-solving approach to science teaching. They equip teachers with tools helping them to organise educational processes oriented at learning as problem-solving or research-in-action activities. They include:

•    Teaching methodology
•    Teachers' guidelines
•    Teacher training course

Basic information

Country: Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Poland, Turkey

Coordinator: Trakiyski universitet - DIPKU, Bulgaria,

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Applied sciences, Engineering, Physics

Start year: 2009

End year: 2011


Contact person: Reni Dimova, Сдружение Център за творческо обучение, rdimova (at)

The research work involved a high level of collaboration amongst the participants, leading to the production of an extensive range of resources in the area of equipping teachers to lead their students to be effective self-learners.

Seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects had to be put in place to achieve a whole new ground-breaking emphasis on how the quality of teaching strategies in Maths and Science could be invigorated and improved. A teacher guidelines book "On the Ground" is to come from this as well as courses to be made available to teachers.

For the teacher the focus of teaching is on the optimum application of knowledge and skills rather than on the transmission of knowledge. This is envisaged to lead the student to develop a range of competencies which will equip him/her to access practical skills for lifelong learning and thus to achieve to his/her full potential.

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