DynaMAT: Dynamical and Creative Mathematics using ICT


DynaMAT focused on a dynamical approach to various mathematical topics, suitable for secondary schools and mathematics teacher training.

The main objective of the project was to produce concrete learning materials using ICT to develop further the visualisation process of students and their maths intuition and creativity.

The framework of the project was informed by the following objectives:

•    To support teachers in developing concrete competences associated with modelling and simulation in mathematics education.
•    To develop materials for use in schools of various types and age levels.
•    To design and pilot an in-service/pre-service course using the developed materials and units in various educational contexts.

DynaMAT will also organise an international conference and a series of workshops.
The expected impact of the DynaMAT approach is on the qualitative preparation of maths teachers to apply dynamical ICT tools in their lessons. The new method should also foster a positive attitude towards mathematics among pupils and raise curiosity about mathematics and mathematical thinking.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Slovakia

Coordinator: University of Pisa, Italy, www.dm.unipi.it

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Maths

Start year: 2010

End year: 2013

Url: http://www.dynamathmat.eu/

Contact person: Vladimir Georgiev, University of Pisa, Italy, georgiev (at) dm.unipi.it

The workflow of the project started with collecting good examples of how ICT tools can develop the visualisation process, the ability to generate, retain and manipulate abstract spatial images. These materials collected at national level have been further developed and enriched with additional features (graphics, animated units in e-format, drawings, paintings, illustrations).

The materials form the basis of preliminary courses and workshops for pre- and in-service teachers organised by the partner institutions.

The expected pedagogical material of DynaMAT includes:

E-book containing:
•    Examples showing how the use of ICT can further develop the visualisation process,
•    Examples of simulations of real or hypothetical processes, so that appropriate maths models will be constructed and will be further improved to aid the learner,
•    Instructions and tips on how to use ICT to improve pupils' simulation and modelling skills and creativity.

Preliminary Course, e-learning course and workshop for pre- and in-service-teachers on how to use the teaching material effectively.


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