YSE: Yourvid Save Energy


YSE promotes innovative teaching and learning about sustainable development and energy consumption.

The project outputs include:

A new didactical approach based on social media to create learning units available for secondary schools across Europe.

eLearning training for trainers based on four didactic units:

•    How to use video in the classroom
•    Sustainable energy: an alternative to traditional energies
•    Raising energy problem awareness in and through schools
•    Social networks in education

120 didactical instructional videos on how to save energy at school and home, and promote the use of renewable energy in Europe

A video podcast repository

Two video competitions (2010, 2011) for teachers and students on sustainability and the local environment

Basic information

Country: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece

Coordinator: Spanish Confederation of Educational Centres, www.cece.es

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, vocational school students, youth clubs

Topic: Ecology, Energy, Environmental sciences, Information technology, Technology

Start year: 2010

End year: 2012

Url: http://www.yesenergy.eu

Contact person: webmaster (at) yesenergy.eu

The pedagogical strategies adopted use peer to peer education and problem-based learning. All the pedagogical methods and strategies will be included in the general framework of the social constructivist theory.

Teachers are invited to make use of four different outcomes of the project:

1.    Video library
2.    Methodology guidelines about problem-based learning
3.    Background materials about video, energy and online learning tools. Together they present a complete manual with learning instructions and strategies to teach and learn how to create videos, use the video library and follow the eLearning units.
4.    Net-campus: eLearning course for teachers on video production and sustainable development


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