Skool is a 3D animation series that aims to reveal to 6-10 year olds the ins and outs of the world of science.

ScienceSkool is presented in the form of a series of 5-minute episodes, conceived entirely in 3D animation, to stimulate children's curiosity and encourage them to think about science and technology.

The themes tackled by ScienceSkool are rooted in everyday life:

•    How is electricity generated to supply our homes?
•    What are the applications of robotics?
•    How can sunlight be transformed into an energy source?

Awakening children's scientific curiosity, stirring their interest in the sometimes complex mechanisms of daily life, ScienceSkool debunks received wisdom about the so-called austerity of the sciences and shows that science is first and foremost fun.

Basic information

Country: Belgium, Luxembourg

Coordinator: KAOS films, Belgium,

Programme: FP6

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, under school-age kids

Topic: Education, Other

Start year: 2005

End year: 2007

Url: Not available

Contact person: Philippe Caron, KAOS films,

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