WONDERS07: Welcome to observations, news and demonstrations of European Research and Science 2007


Showing Europeans how science and technology affect them, from the simplest gadgets to the most sophisticated satellite technology.

The WONDERS07 project consisted of a Carousel of Science and a discussion game DECIDE organised across Europe.

Carousel of Science was an inter-European exchange of the best science shows and other outreach activities between 30 participating countries. The participating science festival organisers exchanged their science shows among one another: one festival sends presentations of its own to the next festival, which in turn again sends other presentations to another festival and so on, until the last festival sends its presentations again to the first festival, closing the circle or the carousel of science. Nearly a hundred events took place across Europe.

The emphasis was on promoting lively projects and activities to capture the imagination and show how science – its impacts, uses and applications – is relevant to all Europeans regardless of age, background and education.

In parallel with the Carousel of Science, the project organised student discussions in the participating cities about different issues in science and technology. The discussions structure followed the DECIDE format; the outcomes of the debate were then uploaded on the project website.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Belgium, France

Coordinator: European Science Events Association (EUSCEA), www.eusea.info

Programme: FP6

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, primary school students, secondary school students, other

Topic: Education, Other

Start year: 2007

End year: 2007

Url: not available

Contact person: Peter Rebernik, EUSCEA. office (at) eusea.at

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