NANOPINION – Monitoring public opinion on Nanotechnology in Europe


Nanopinion monitors public opinions on nanotechnology and engages the general public in debate on potential risks and benefits of nanotechnologies

The main objectives of Nanopinion are to:

•    engage the public in nanotechnologies by establishing a dialogue about nanotechnologies between researchers and the public, using both formal and informal communication channels (surveys, social media, street labs, and various other events in science centres)
•    monitor European citizens' and consumers' attitudes towards nanotechnology applications
•    build an online portal to inform the general public on nanotechnology and current nanotechnology research
•    produce policy recommendations on nanotechnology education and public attitudes regarding research, regulation and social implications of nanotechnologies.
•    identify best practices for outreach and communication of nanotechnologies to the public

The specific target groups of Nanopinion are students and teachers. The consortium also aims to explore ways to connect nanotechnology subjects to school curricula and produce educational materials for teaching and learning about nanotechnology in secondary schools.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Centre for Social Innovation, Austria,

Programme: FP7

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, parents, policy makers, secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Nanotechnology, Education, Other

Start year: 2012

End year: 2014


Contact person: Ilse Marschalek, Yoel Rothschild yoelrot (at)

Nanopinion is a follow-up on the experience and results of previous projects, namely Nanochannels. The data gathered by the project forms a knowledge base of Nanopinion.

The project aims to serve as an access bridge between FP7 and FP8 and provide the European Commission with insights for policy framing concerning nanotechnology.

Nanopinion plans to develop three educational modules (20 hours of study each), with strong visual and interactive component. The teaching modules will cover:

1. Basic knowledge, properties of nanotechnology
2. Nanotechnology applications, products and everyday life
3. Ethical, legal and societal aspects of nanotechnology research and applications.

Each module includes:

• Learning objectives, quick educational guide and learning roadmap
• Teaching aids (presentations, cards, worksheets, etc.)
• Tests (pre- and post-) and exercises needed for evaluating the learning outcome
• Additional materials, references to external sources and suggested further reading.

The project also produces video podcasts covering current research projects on nanotechnology:

•    a video featuring a current research project
•    a video showing nanoscience students performing a scientific experiment.

A discussion game based on a proven format will also be carried out, connecting face-to-face debate with online materials available on the project website.


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