iCLASS: Intelligent distributed cognitive-based open learning system for schools


The iClass project developed an intelligent cognitive-based open learning system and environment, adapted to individual learners' needs.

The components of the iCLASS system are:

•    an advanced learning system, based on an ontology-based architecture for sequencing of knowledge and adaptive to learners' level of understanding and learning style
•    a distributed, collaborative environment accessible to all stakeholders (parents, teachers, students, Ministries, publishers), offering rich multimedia content and services, and facilitating direct communication.

iCLASS aimed to contribute to a paradigm shift, turning ICT from a merely a tool providing access to learning resources, to the key element of a new pedagogical approach capable of adapting teaching and learning processes to the profile of individual learners.

The resultant system and services allow for:

•    A new pedagogical approach capable of adapting teaching and learning processes to the profile of individual learners;
•    Personalisation according to different cultural characteristics and learning styles;
•    A prescriptive-diagnostic system, where the system not only presents personalised content to learners but also identifies the problem areas  encountered during the learning process and reports on these areas to the relevant parties.
•    A more generalised and widespread access to learning resources;

The main target groups are all professionals in education (teachers, school administrators, educational authorities), students, parents and education partners (content developers, publishers and providers of educational services).

Basic information

Country: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Turkey

Coordinator: Siemens Business Services, Belgium, /www.siemens.com

Programme: FP6

Project Acronym:

Target groups: researchers

Topic: Information technology, Software engineering, Other

Start year: 2004

End year: 2008

Url: not available

Contact person: Eric Meyvis, Siemens, Belgium, eric.meyvis (at) siemens.com

During the first year of the lifetime of the project, the consortium concentrated on two main axes: Educational Vision Statements and Technical Vision Statements.

The Educational Vision reflected the expectations and needs of the major educational stakeholders and highlighted the potential of innovative research in education. The Technical Vision also focuses on the requirements from the stakeholders and target users.

The iClass project has been organised into a series of seven sub-projects, each containing main components (called "modules") from a technology point of view grouped together in meaningful clusters. Global requirements as well as individual requirements for each sub-project were gathered to produce the basic functionalities of the sub-project modules.

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