My STEAM Network


My STEAM Network is an online educational initiative created to empower girls in Turkey.

My STEAM Network aims to generate and sustain interest in STEM/STEAM fields among girls and encourage girls’ participation to STEAM-related fields of education and careers. Since it is a critical period for early career choice in Turkey, the project specifically targets girls aged 7-16 in compulsory education. Also the families and teachers are potential targets.

Basic information

Country: Turkey

Coordinator: Zekican Sarisoy

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, parents, secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Gender in STEM, Education, Other

Start year: 2019

End year: 2025


Contact person: Zekican Sarisoy, zekicansarisoy (at)

This project does not yet have an annual report. However some research memos in the context of this project are available on the project’s website (only in Turkish).

The following activities have been carried out:

  • Creation of a website and digital media channels: Interfaces are categorised in accordance with the needs of girls aged 7-16. Following these categories, girls will be able to use the website in line with their age-specific needs and expectations. The categorisation is arranged according to the levels of compulsory education within the Turkish National Education System. As a result, there are three age categories corresponding to three educational levels, namely, primary school, middle school and early high school. The website also contains materials addressing teachers and parents.
  • Digital media campaign
  • Building a partnership network: institutions in Turkey specialising in the various fields of STEAM are contacted during the course of the project. Based on their areas of speciality, the institutions function as facilitators in the Network. In this way, girls and other beneficiaries of the project are able to obtain information as to how they may benefit from these institutions in the field of STEAM.
  • Building a mentor network: mentors are integrated into the network. The role of the mentors is to provide guidance in matters of STEAM, give occupational guidance, and answer questions regarding the Network.
  • Educational kits, data bank and STEAM maker pool: the educational kits and data bank are prepared specifically in order to answer the needs of the girls and are informed by the STEAM method. They contain information about current developments in STEM/STEAM, activities about STEM/STEAM, gender equality, etc. suitable for the classroom environment.
  • Role model pool: a role model pool, which is made up of the women working in the field of STEAM is incorporated into the Network. The pool is shaped as a databank and updated regularly.
  • My STEAM Map: My STEAM Map is essential because most STEAM-related centres are concentrated in the big cities, leaving them beyond easy access of people living in smaller cities. My STEAM Map is a map which shows the locations of STEAM centres across Turkey.

SOMR available to any teacher, Ministry of Education, STEM expert during the current COVID-19 lock-down period:

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