STEAMonEdu, Competence development of STE(A)M educators through online tools and communities


The STEAMonEdu project aims to increase the adoption and impact of STE(A)M education by investing in the community of stakeholders and the professional development of educators.

The approach of the project is to nominate educators as the pillars of implementation of STEAM education policies and support their professional development either by blended training or by their participation in a community of stakeholders. The exchange of experience, collaboration and creative work of this community will be supported by an online peer learning and crowdsourcing platform

As a result of research and creative techniques that will be instrumental among the members of the community, the STEAM education framework will be produced, which will include competences, policies, methodologies, educational objects, etc.

These findings will be used to design the training curriculum for STEAM educators and the MOOC “Professional development of STEAM educators”. The training itself will consist of two stages: first the MOOC will be available to everyone interested in the topic, and 500 people are expected to enrol. Then 50 MOOC graduates will be selected for the next stage, which will contain online training activities and will lead to production of learning activities templates, STEAM education projects and policies.

Basic information

Country: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain

Coordinator: Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI) / DAISSy Research Group, Greece

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, general public, policy makers, researchers, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, university lecturers

Topic: Education

Start year: 2020

End year: 2021


Contact person: Achilles Kameas, kameas (at)

The project will adopt a bottom-up participatory approach to deliver:

  • An online community of educators that will collect good practices and collaboratively develop STEAM education policies
  • A STEAM education framework, including STEAM body of knowledge, template curricula and learning activities, with a focus on diversity issues
  • The STEAM competence framework STEAMComp, which will detail the competences necessary to design and implement STEAM education activities (STEAMComp will specialise the Digital Competence Framework for Educators – DigCompEdu with STE(A)M-specific competences)
  • The ST(E)AM educator profile, which will be designed on the principles of ESCO (European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations)
  • Guide to STE(A)M Education policies
  • The STE(A)M policy influencer toolkit
  • Guide for STE(A)M education policy-makers (Policy recommendations)

The project will adopt a bottom-up participatory approach to deliver:

  • A blended course delivered via the online platform and using on its content (OERs), including a MOOC targeting STE(A)M educators
  • Guide to STE(A)M educational practices
  • A STE(A)M readiness self-assessment online tool for educational organisations that implement STE(A)M education policies, which will implement or expand SELFIE

SOMR available to any teacher, Ministry of Education, STEM expert during the current COVID-19 lock-down period:

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