Math Exercises for You (Math4U) offers attractive and complex training materials for students and tools for teachers to prepare tests and exams.

The project has two main goals: The first one aims to enhance the mathematical competencies of students in secondary schools by incorporating new, interesting and unconventional interactive training materials into mathematical tuition. As its second goal the project aims to improve the English skills of teachers and pupils in mathematics by creating all project outputs in the English language as well as versions in the local languages of all project partners (Czech, Polish, Slovak).

The main output of the project is the educational Web portal The materials and tools on the portal are grouped in three main sections – Math for Student, Math for Teacher, and Math for Class.

The section Math for Student contains unique educational software for practising all areas of secondary school mathematics. Students can choose a topic, level and number of problems, and an interactive HTML test based on their preferences will be generated. In the section Math for Teacher, everybody can prepare a tailor-made interactive test or a printer-ready version of a written exam. The section Math for Class contains 150 interactive games. More details can be found in the section targeted at teachers

These materials take the form of interactive HTML tests, interactive PDF tests and training games. All materials share a unified user interface taking into account the specifics of the target hardware platforms (the HTML tests are developed primarily for tablets and smartphones, the PDF files for personal computers). After taking a test, the students receive an immediate evaluation, score, success ratio and correct answers. The questions in the tests are frequently accompanied by appropriate figures with the goal of strengthening understanding of the geometric meanings of the topics studied.

Basic information

Country: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

Coordinator: VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Maths, Education

Start year: 2016

End year: 2019


Contact person: Petr Beremlijski, petr.beremlijski (at)

The project Math4U is not focused on research.

The portal is divided into three main sections – Math for Student, Math for Teacher, and Math for Class. What is common to all three parts of the website? First, the whole secondary math curriculum is divided into 12 topics. Secondly, all parts of the portal and all applications are available in four languages – English, Czech, Slovak and Polish.

Math for Student – In this section students can find unique educational software for practising all areas of secondary school mathematics (a student chooses a language, a topic, a subtopic, a level and a number of questions, the software generates an interactive HTML test according to his or her preferences, and the student receives partial feedback after answering each question and final evaluation after finishing the whole test; the software works with a database of 16,000 questions in four languages).

Math for Teacher – A teacher can prepare a tailor-made interactive test or written test. Creating the test is of the same difficulty as shopping in an e-shop. Teacher chooses any questions he or she likes from the database of 4,000 questions in each of the four languages (English, Czech, Slovak and Polish), which is 16,000 questions in total, and puts them into a “shopping cart”. Then an interactive test or printer-ready version of a written test is generated from the “shopping cart”. All tests are in PDF format and can be used offline. After finishing the interactive test, students can go through all the questions again and revise the answers. The order of the questions can be randomised when the test is reopened.

Math for Class – Students and teachers can find there 150 interesting quizzes and educational games – so-called “matching games” and “table-selection games”. All games are in PDF format.


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