Ocean Campus


Ocean Campus is the first pedagogical platform about the ocean.

The project offers all Internet users the opportunity to expand their knowledge by using qualitative resources, available online on the Surfrider Ocean Campus website. On this platform, there are quizzes, videos, infographics and other educational contents to introduce the issues of the ocean. The platform takes up subject matter disaggregated by age and enables everyone to extend their knowledge.

Basic information

Country: France

Coordinator: Surfrider Foundation Europe, France https://www.surfrider.eu/en/


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Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: college students, education authorities, general public, parents, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, vocational school students

Topic: Ecology, Environmental sciences

Start year: 2016

Url: https://fr.oceancampus.eu/

Contact person: Pauline Foundation BONED, pboned (at) surfrider.eu

After 25 years of fighting for the protection of the ocean, Surfrider Foundation Europe has developed an expertise in various environment-related fields. These include in particular: plastic waste, water quality and climate change. As a result, all the data included in our materials, like for example the pedagogical kit, is collected from and carefully chosen by one scientific centre.

On the platform you will find various pedagogical tools for everyone to get to know all about plastic pollution and its impact on the submarine world. The resources include a booklet, videos and quizzes to understand the effects of that pollution and to test your knowledge.

These tools have been designed to be used in class. DIY videos are also provided showing how you can make shampoo, tooth paste, soap or a lip balm by yourself. The products are only made out of natural products and without any packaging.

Another recommended activity to raise people’s awareness is to organise a collection of waste close to a river, a beach or a park nearby. For these actions, all the necessary materials like gloves or banners are provided. You can also plan a visit to Surfrider Foundation Europe campus exhibitions.


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