STEMJAM - Developing make spaces to promote creativity around STEM in schools


The main objective of this project is to improve students’ capacities in STEM activities and their horizontal skills, such as initiative and creativity, cooperative teamwork, improving English skills, and better inclusion and equity in education for the collaborative aspect of the project.

The project aims to improve the basic STEM skills of pupils of primary and secondary schools. To do this, formal Makerspaces or STEM Labs will be created in schools. All activities in these areas will enhance pupils’ confidence and engagement in STEM, having initiative, developing their creativity, being practical and safe, enabling collaborative work, improving their leadership skills.

The aim of the project is to analyse existing activities and create innovative ones that cover all primary and secondary courses. That is, the age range is 6 to16. An innovative and differentiating element is that all activities and educational materials developed in the STEMJAM Project will answer a need or social problem.

The first year of the project is dedicated to developing activities by teachers and experts, and the second year to implementing them with pupils. A database of STEM activities, a Teaching Guide and a MOOC will be prepared so that other schools can take advantage of the work done in this project.

Regarding innovation, the project aims at developing and demonstrating a methodology that allows introducing horizontal concepts of educational robotics in all subjects, with particular emphasis on the areas of enhancement and reinforcement of STEM concepts. The objective is to train pupils who are able to generate creative responses, necessary for today’s society.

The consortium is formed by four schools and a technology centre that provides added value for the development of the project. The project goal is to generate more than 100 innovative STEM activities covering all stages of primary and secondary level. Also a non-formal Makerspace with toys and technology will be developed as a new concept that we call STEM Toy Labs and the project results will be made available to other stakeholders.

Basic information

Country: Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey

Coordinator: Colegio Engeba, Valencia, Spain

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students

Topic: Other

Start year: 2016

End year: 2018


Contact person: Jose Carlos Sola, josesola (at)

On the STEMJAM webpage ( you can find the “Outputs” section with a link to the STEMJAM eLearning Platform. It is available in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish) and you can access training courses that will offer you expert knowledge about the world of Educational Robotics.

The results of the project are a Technical Guide and an e-learning Platform on educational robotics available on the project website: The Technical Guide provides the necessary guidelines and knowledge so that anyone interested can enter the field of educational robotics in a clear and concise manner.

The e-Learning Platform includes courses of varying difficulty, also for beginners in educational robotics so they can increase their learning step by step, assimilating the concepts and experimenting with different sensors and actuators. Additionally, users will have at their disposal a great variety of educational videos and didactic files.


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