“MET inside!” is an Erasmus+ KA2 project with 5 partner countries (Turkey, Spain, Poland, Italy and Portugal). The partners of the project were brought together on the basis of their previous experience in innovative teaching schemes and pro-active projects in robotics, coding and E-STEM activities, and also their interest in the possible impact in terms of the target groups.

The aim of the “MET inside!” project is to engage participants in educational activities which focus on providing in-depth technology, engineering and mathematics as well as on environmental science and issues.

In this project, the school will not be a place where the students go to learn but instead it will become the entire experience of learning itself. In addition to dealing with eco-friendly issues, the students will also work with programmable robots and simple mechanisms they have produced, so they will encounter the world of robotics, learn the strategies underlying computer coding and appreciate what they have learned about computational thinking skills, which EU Science Hub calls “thinking as a computer scientist”.

The project also wants to spark girls’ excitement about technology careers. We will start an initiative encouraging more female entrepreneurs and change societal stereotypes about women’s involvement in technology and computer programming.

Basic information

Country: Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

Coordinator: Fatih Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, parents, secondary school students, teachers, vocational school students

Topic: Applied sciences, Computer science, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Environmental sciences, Information technology, Maths, Physics, Technology, Other

Start year: 2018

End year: 2020


Contact person: Leopoldo Mosquera Taboada, leomosque (at)

Enhancing the validation of transversal skills is one of the key priorities of the European Commission. Active learning; project-based and real-world education; learning across disciplines; reasoning and problem-solving skills are becoming rules for putting these key skills into practice. The extracurricular robotic, coding and E-STEM activities in the project will enable these skills to be taught tightly connected with one another and will be a perfect way to educate students while allowing them to experiment and gain hands-on experience.

Tangible outcomes of the project will be:

  • the designed robots with EV3 and Arduino
  • 3D printed lesson materials
  • the outputs of project-based activities
  • materials constructed after E-STEM challenges
  • the results in engineering experiments

As well as environmental science activities, the project with its many computational thinking and robotics-based activities and in line with “increased quality of education and training and youth work in Europe” Programme Guide 2018 will boost growth in Europe and aid teachers in preparing students for the future labour market.


If you know of European or national project in STEM education, please let us know. 

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