MALIA - Marine litter awareness through learning by doing


Marine litter awareness hands-on actions through learning by doing (MALIA) is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project started in January 2018 and aims at integrating marine conservation practices and educational guidelines for marine litter in the national school curricula of Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and Spain.

The project is carried out by four educational centres, three associations and one research centre in Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. Its main goal is to improve students’ and teachers’ awareness about marine litter and to address this problem in a positive way. In order to achieve this, open educational materials are designed, which can be used in different educational systems.

The project’s materials include field and desk activities that link the topics to concepts and methods in relevant disciplines, such as geology, biology, chemistry and new digital technologies. In line with educational challenges of the 21st century, they make use of scientific methodologies, as well as inquiry-based and problem-based pedagogies. The project’s partners also develop guidelines for gathering information from rubbish that is collected in coastal areas, including a multilingual protocol, and carry out case studies in different countries to showcase entrepreneurial initiatives that address the issue through innovation and creativity.

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Open Educational Resources are developed to include field and desk activities that link the subject of marine litter to concepts and methodologies in relevant disciplines, such as geology (e.g. rock formation processes, sedimentary rocks), biology (e.g. bioaccumulation, trophic chains), chemistry (e.g. type of plastics and microplastic materials, production of bioplastics) and new digital technologies (e.g. georeferencing applications, augmented reality).

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