SCICOM: European Network of Science Centres in Communicating Energy-related Topics


SCICOM brings together science centres and renewable energy experts to discover and develop new ways to communicate science to young people and the general public.

The overall objective of SCICOM is to develop an operating network of science centres and experts in renewable energy, who work together to share examples of good practices and, based on these success factors, create and disseminate a series of new kind of science events and exhibitions. 

SCICOM aims to address the interests of citizens through interactive exhibitions in association with citizens’ debates and participative democracy tools. The research topic of renewable energy is chosen as the main theme, as it is nowadays a “hot topic” in the public and the media, and therefore needs more public involvement.

One of the main aims is also to attract schools and young people to visit the exhibitions and science centres, and thus to foster awareness in the field of energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy among young people.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Estonia, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Welios® Science Center Wels, Austria,

Programme: FP7

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, parents, policy makers, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Energy, Environmental sciences, Education

Start year: 2008

End year: 2011


Contact person: Mr. Andreas Moser moser (at)

The objective of SCICOM is to increase the efficiency of national and European initiatives to communicate science and research. Based on the partners’ experiences collected in the project workshops, SCICOM is drawing up a joint policy paper, addressed to national and European decision makers, on new ways to communicate science to the public.

SCICOM aims to build up a sustainable network of science centres and researchers focused on energy topics, which will keep up co-operation and mutual exchange beyond the duration of the project.

Articles and reports published on SCICOM are available at

For teachers SCICOM offers educational materials and events to foster awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy among students. 

One main aim is to attract children, pupils, families and schools to visit the SCICOM touring exhibition, “Energy Island” (, which focuses on these topics.

In each science centre that the exhibition visits, specific educational material is developed to accompany the exhibition. The educational materials are freely available via the SCICOM portal:


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