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The Jet Propulsion Theatre is a permanent laboratory for theatrical creation connected to science, the people of science and the scientific tale. The project aims at developing a sense of curiosity and wonder for science, using theatre, storytelling and artistic expression as a means to narrate science in novel and inspiring ways.

Jet Propulsion Theatre (JPT) narrates science through theatre, to inspire people, enrich their scientific knowledge, and stimulate scientific learning. Its work is developed through deep collaboration between scientific and artistic communities, including research centres and science faculties. Starting from the production of plays, JPT has expanded its range of activities over the years, to include scientific storytelling workshops, augmented lectures, including joint performances between artists and scientists, advisory services on the pedagogy of science, and an annual science theatre festival. JPT facilitates scientific knowledge through curiosity and wonder, and stimulates people to better understand and engage with science, the people of science and the scientific tale.

Basic information

Country: Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy

Coordinator: Arditodesio Theatre Company, Italy

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: college students, education authorities, general public, parents, policy makers, primary school students, researchers, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, university students, university lecturers, vocational school students

Topic: Astronautics, Astronomy, Applied sciences, Earth science, Ecology, Environmental sciences, Gender in STEM, Materials science, Maths, Physics, Technology, Education, Other

Start year: 2012


Contact person: Pierre Echard, Email p.echard (at)

As a permanent laboratory for theatrical creation connected to science, the people of science and the scientific tale, JPT’s core research lies in the development of original stage productions to explore scientific topics in a new and engaging manner. Its work is scientifically validated by scientific institutions that are in collaboration with JPT.

As an action-research laboratory, JPT translates its research results into tangible activities and teaching materials.

JPT’s activities include the production and execution of theatre performances, produced in close collaboration with scientific and artistic institutions, around specific themes, including, for instance, quantum mechanics, the notion of time and relativity, space exploration, climate change, artificial intelligence and plant intelligence. Each theatre production is accompanied by a pedagogical toolkit, which includes background materials and guidance for teachers to maximise their experience with students.

JPT also researches and experiments innovative ways to help science teachers and communicators to improve their impact. To this end, JPT designs and delivers workshops for its target audiences. These include storytelling techniques and playwriting applied to science.

JPT has also developed the concept of augmented lectures, meaning performances connecting scientists with artists so they can interact and create novel ways to communicate science, to engage science in the arts and to develop new pedagogical tools.

In order to share its experiences and learn from others, JPT organises an annual festival, the Theatre of Wonder, which collects some of the most significant experiences in science communication through theatre, offering the general public a wide range of performances and activities from JPT and others.


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