DLPL, Learning to Think and Solve Problems (in German “Denken Lernen Probleme Lösen“)


As part of the digitisation strategy “School 4.0”, the Austrian Ministry of Education has commissioned the project “Learning to Think, Solving Problems”. Its aim is to promote basic digital education from primary level onwards.

Computational or algorithmic thinking represents the basis of understanding and complex problem solving at school and in everyday life. Furthermore, it supports children’s creativity. Often when this educational approach is combined with playful methods, it leads to higher motivation and sustainable learning outcomes among girls and boys alike in primary and secondary education.

The project “Learning to Think, Solving Problems” (Denken Lernen Probleme Lösen) aims to provide a didactic introduction to the use of digital media in primary schools, with special regard to aspects of problem solving and dealing with new tasks. The playful educational approach makes children curious, is stimulating and thus provides an efficient basis for successful learning in terms of neurobiology.

Having started in the school year 2017/2018, the project focuses on establishing Education Innovation Studios (EIS) in 13 University Colleges of Teacher Education in Austria. The project team under the direction of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna (PH Wien), in cooperation with the University College of Teacher Education in Lower Austria and DaVinciLab, coordinates the nationwide establishment of EIS facilities and the development of an EIS community.

In course of the project, 100 primary schools in 20 regional clusters receive technical equipment as well as didactic material in form of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Basic information

Country: Austria

Coordinator: ZLI PH Wien, https://zli.phwien.ac.at/

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, teachers

Topic: Computer science, Engineering, Technology, Education

Start year: 2017

End year: 2018

Url: https://eis.eeducation.at

Contact person: Klaus Himpsl-Gutermann, Email Klaus.Himpsl-Gutermann (at) phwien.ac.at

The teaching materials provided are developed further through a set of tests and feedback. Moreover, the project is evaluated using various evaluation methods.

As part of the “Learning to Think, Solving Problems” project, free lesson preparations are provided to its participating schools. At https://eis.eeducation.at, a nationwide platform is being established, serving as a central contact point for all parties involved, providing high-quality didactic concepts and teaching materials under a Creative Commons license in line with a strategy for Open Educational Resources (OER). Experts from the project’s core team develop sample materials that are subject to a review process. Moreover, a content platform is developed that allows projects and materials to be added from the EIS community, released after a quality check recognised with an eEducation badge.


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