OpenSKIMR (Open European Skill Match Maker)


Bringing together talents, jobs and learning to support people in creating their individual learning and career routes.

OpenSKIMR is an EU-funded project that aims at creating skills-matchmaking among talents, jobs and the required learning to support people in creating their personal career routes. This project is based on the following features:


The vision of this pilot project is to develop a life-long companion to guide talents through their career path planning. OpenSKIMR envisions upskilling and guiding talents in the ICT sector and thereby reducing the unemployment rate and increasing mobility in Europe as well.

Its vision consists of the following elements:


The mission of this pilot project is to spread and improve the availability of digital skills in Europe in order to foster digitisation to reduce the youth unemployment rate, to improve employability, to provide guidance and to show opportunities to talents spread over the whole of Europe.


The overall objective of this pilot project is to develop and demonstrate a European-wide learning technology system prototype to support effective upskilling and (re-)training by matching the current skill sets of individuals with highly demanded skill sets of jobs or occupations in the IT area. Furthermore, the project scope implies the development of the route planner functionality, which enables the creation of personalised learning and career routes/maps to reach a job or occupation goal/destination based on the ESCO standard. This innovative functionality should enable talents to acquire the required skills or knowledge for a specific job or an area.

  • The latest version of the European classification system ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and therefore an ongoing project with open stakeholder consultation in which OpenSKIMR participates.
  • A set of algorithms that match talents with the perfect fitting job and in addition, suggests a learning path which will be supported in evolving personal career routes for future talents in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). OpenSKIMR links between talents, job and upskilling through necessary learning. It is a tool which aims to support people individually with their personal career paths and combines life-long-learning opportunities with specific job offers.
    • The development of an independent expert and talent community.
    • A set of algorithms which involve match-making and recommendation of jobs and the right education, based on dynamic skill sets.
    • The proof of the concept of our approach through a prototype platform with real data of talents, opportunities and learning.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Spain

Coordinator: PDAgroup GmbH

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, general public, industry, policy makers, researchers, teachers, university students

Topic: Computer science, Gender in STEM, Information technology, Maths, Software engineering, Technology, Education

Start year: 2015

End year: 2017


Contact person: Dania Radi Email dania.radi (at)

The research of this pilot project focuses on the one hand on research and development of the best fitting matching algorithms and technical clustering approaches to make route planning based on the ESCO standard possible. On the other hand, this pilot project also aims to provide up-to-date frameworks which cover the integration of existing learning and job relevant standards to provide the software algorithm with the necessary structures and data sources. This means that the research section implies the research and development of basic annotation guides of learnings and jobs based on ESCO.

This pilot project also aims at making ESCO (more precisely: prototype based on eight specific selected ESCO occupations) applicable for the prototype platform to enable matching and the route planner functionality. As there are no standardised ontologies for Europe in place that can be directly used, OpenSKIMR requires the resource of a researcher to prepare and adopt existing ontologies for the match-making algorithm. This research work also needs IT expertise with research and scientific background in the field of the semantic Web and the Internet of things, to constantly adapt and improve the research findings to build and create strong algorithms. This research is necessary to develop mathematical solutions that can be used to support talents in their career and education planning. Besides, technical approaches and research need to be realised to make ESCO (eight selected occupations) applicable and understandable for users in this prototype platform.

To backup this endeavour from a Human Resource (HR) perspective, the identification and further development of basic ontologies/annotation concepts for learning content and jobs is required. This classification is needed as a contribution for the matching algorithm. The development of such a model which allows the annotation of diverse types of education with skills and occupations (as used in the ESCO ontology) is part of this research work. Already existing national, international and European standards need to be reviewed and discussed for the project’s purposes, such as like the European Competence Framework (e-CF), the European Qualification Framework (EQF), the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the EUROPASS.

Potential Research Output of OpenSKIMR:

  • Aggregated information about the entire job finding process (Motivation - Skills - Decision support - Documentation - Matchmaking).
  • Research and development of basic annotation concepts to weight and rate skill requirements for learnings and jobs based on ESCO.
  • Research and development of a technical clustering approach of ESCO for a basic skills assessment.
  • Research and creation of mathematical solutions that can be used to support talents with their career and education planning to meet the required level of skills for their ideal job or occupation.

This pilot project investigates how an application tool like OpenSKIMR can support pupils in their future career planning. Thus, feedback from teachers and pupils fosters improvement of the OpenSKIMR prototype platform.

In November 2016, the project team organised a workshop in cooperation with European Schoolnet to investigate how teachers are currently supporting pupils and students in making their career choices and what challenges they encounter. The participants discussed how the project outputs could be used to support career counselling activities in schools. The school teachers’ feedback was highly appreciated, as they expressed how they visualise the integration of learning and its impact on the possible future careers of young people. Such a tool should support people in starting to plan their learning and career routes as early as possible.

Nevertheless, the project still asks for feedback for further development and to support the rollout of its prototype initiative in September 2017, by also encouraging pupils to test the prototype. Additionally, the project requires the feedback of potential young users.


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