VENETONIGHT – Notte Europea dei ricercatori


The European Researchers’ Night invites you to meet the heroes of science - the researchers from different disciplines whose fascinating work can change our lives!

If you could become a hero for a day, what kind of hero would you be? One who fights cancer or global warming, prevents hunger or drought, invents devices to counteract handicaps, dreams about making human life possible in space?

The European Researchers’ Night invites you to meet the heroes of science; that is to say, the researchers from different disciplines whose fascinating work can change our lives.

The European Researchers’ Night is an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2005. It brings together researchers and general public in different European cities on the same date in late summer: the fourth Friday of September.

The European Researchers’ Night is an extraordinary opportunity to bring audiences of all ages into the world of research, to open a dialogue with citizens and to inform young people about scientific careers.

Citizens have the opportunity to visit research facilities that are usually not open to the public. They are invited to use the latest technologies with the guidance of researchers, participate in experiments, competitions, demonstrations and simulations, and exchange ideas.

With family, friends, your school or on your own, you will become a scientist for a day, participate in science activities and, what’s most important, have fun!

All the events take place - simultaneously - in over 250 cities across Europe and neighbouring countries.

Basic information

Country: Italy

Coordinator: Research Executive Agency (REA)

Programme: Horizon 2020

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Computer science, Environmental sciences, Genetics, Information technology, Physics

Start year: 2016

End year: 2016


Contact person: Struttura organizzativa in Padova, Email notte.ricercatori (at)

Organisations and institutions that wish to hold an event for the European Researchers’ Night can respond to an open call for applications for financial support, which is managed by the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA). This is a competitive call in which only the best proposals are selected.

A call for organisations willing to hold the European Researchers’ Nights 2018 and 2019 is published in 2017.

All kinds of workshops, presentations, tours, concerts, performances, games and activities for children, young people and parents and the general public take place during the European Researchers’ Night.

All activities and presentations offered by scientists and researchers from institutions and universities are accessible to visitors free of charge.


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