Test the indoor climate at your school


In the project students make scientific investigations and assess their school environment. Pupils map the state of the indoor climate in their classroom.

The objective of the project is to increase student interest in the field of science and health. The project combines subjects in the field of health, Danish and science in an exciting way based on pupils' everyday lives. The project establishes health education in collaboration with science subjects. It provides exciting and accessible teaching resources linking geography, biology, physics / chemistry and Danish to the subject of health.

The basic idea is to connect everyday activities with scientific inquiry and experimentation so that learners can better understand scientific concepts and research methods. This is achieved by transforming the classroom into an experimental laboratory.

In the classroom students examine the following factors:

  • Air and temperature conditions
  • Noise
  • Bacteria

Based on the investigations of the indoor climate in the classroom and knowledge about indoor climate and health the class produces a campaign film. The investigation provides the class with the opportunity to participate in two kind of competitions.

"Test the indoor climate at your school" is a project in collaboration between University College South and the National Centre for Science Education. The Project began with a pilot test in spring 2014.

Basic information

Country: Denmark

Coordinator: Kosmos, http://www.vicekosmos.dk/

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, teachers

Topic: Other

Start year: 2013

End year: 2014

Url: http://www.testsundskole.dk/side/forside

Contact person: Anders Flaskager, Email: afla (at) ucsyd.dk

The teaching programme was tested as a pilot course in Region South Denmark. Prior to this a prototype course was tested and evaluated in cooperation with two classes.

The project developed educational resources for schools. The resources on the topic indoor climate and health offer tools and classroom activities on noise, bacteria and concentrations of CO2.

The guidelines for teachers provide information on indoor climate and practical tips to help teachers prepare lessons.


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