STELYS, Science, Technology and Engineering Laboratory for Young Students


STELYS is a supportive learning strategy developed at the Department of Physics (UdG) for primary and secondary schools.

It is based on STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teachers who have the best in-house and external practices.

The aim of the project is to transmit enthusiasm for science, bringing it closer to the general public. All the experiments are designed to stimulate children’s interest in science and to stimulate curiosity to find science everywhere every day.

Basic information

Country: Spain

Coordinator: Teresa Serra, Email: teresa.serra (at)

  • Dance Company Moviment Lantana

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, primary school students, secondary school students

Topic: Earth science, Engineering, Environmental sciences, Physics

Start year: 2006


Contact person: Teresa Serra, Email: teresa.serra (at)

The research focusses on promoting STEM knowledge in non-formal spaces as well as on promoting soft-skills to university students by tutoring primary and secondary students, at the time of performing lab and field experiments.

STELYS involves demonstration practices, cross-institutional practices, scientific presentations, public science and in-field innovative projects: Maths and Movement (primary school students), Encouraging STEM skills (secondary school students), free online Physics courses/MOOCs (secondary and first-year university students), Public Science (Researchers night, ‘Fira de la Ciència’, ‘Fira de la Ciència entre tots’).


If you know of European or national project in STEM education, please let us know. 

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