SCRIPT, Scratch International Programming Trial


Script promotes coding among 6-16 year old pupils and teachers using the Scratch programming language.

Script is a project whose aim is to promote coding among 6-16 year old pupils and teachers using the Scratch programming language. Script was initiated in 2011 as a Scratch local contest organised at Subsidiary Orsova of Palatul Copiilor Drobeta Turnu Severin. Since 2012, Script has been included yearly in the Educational Activities Calendar of the Romanian Ministry of Education as a regional project (2012), a national project (2013), and an international project (since 2014).

We started to organise Script when we understood that in a few years programming will have the same importance as reading, writing and numeracy; regardless of the profession chosen by students, they must have skills in programming. The trend is proven by multiple initiatives, all over the world, that contribute to promote programming among students (e.g. "CodeWeek" organised by the European Commission; American initiative "Hour of Code"). In order to involve children in coding, Script uses the Scratch programming language—developed by the MIT Media Lab—which is like a game, a serious game where children can discover basic concepts of programming.

Script project has two main online events: the Scratch programming competition, and a symposium. The contest targets primary and secondary pupils aged 7 to 16. Pupils organised in teams of two to four members will design a project in the Scratch programming language for one or more of the contest sections (e.g. Greetings, Games, Stories, Simulations, and Educational Software). For each of the sections there are different age categories (e.g. one for each grade from 0 to 9; grade 0 –> 7 years old; grade 1 –> 8 years old; … grade 9 –> 16 years old). The aim of the symposium is the dissemination of the activities and results of the students and teachers involved in developing educational resources for learning Scratch programming. The competition and the symposium are organised each year according to the rules and schedules available on the contest Web page.

Script stimulates development of coding activities in school; some teachers start Scratch programming activities when they get involve in Script. The Script participants—from North America, South America, Asia, and Europe—expressed their appreciation of the contest and the hope that the project will be continued the next. The Script project has an impact not just on the teachers and pupils directly involved, but also on the public, who become aware of importance, for our pupils and us, of moving from being tech users to tech creators.

Basic information

Country: Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Other

Coordinator: Palatul Copiilor Drobeta Turnu Severin,

Programme: National

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, parents, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, under school-age kids, vocational school students, youth clubs

Topic: Computer science

Start year: 2012


Contact person: Mihai Agape, Email: mag (at)

At this time, there is no information about this project that would be useful to researchers.

The projects created by the students during the previous Script editions could be used as examples by teachers who want to develop Scratch programming activities.

The projects are stored on the official Scratch website at:


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