Profundiza - High Altitude Ballooning


Is the earth round? How can we prove it? How to get a picture of the earth's curvature?

The aim of the Limasat project is to solve all theoretical and practical issues necessary to build a probe with which the greatest number of measurements (temperatures, pressures, pollution...) beyond the troposphere can be made, and take images of the Earth from the stratosphere and, if possible, of astronomical phenomena from a different point of view than ground-based observatories can get.

Since 2012 five missions have been developed and the launch of a new probe is planned for next May.

All information (equipment, process, budget, FAQ's, etc.) on the project’s website.

Basic information

Country: Spain

Coordinator: Andalucía Profundiza,

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, university students, vocational school students

Topic: Aeronautics, Computer science, Earth science, Electronics, Maths, Meteorology

Start year: 2011


Contact person: José María Muñoz Vidal, Email: jmmvidal (at)

More information about the project’s aspects targeted to researchers can be found on the website.

Studying airways maps, layers of the atmosphere, application to obtain the corresponding to the AENA / AESA authorities authorization, compare prices various components (balloon, parachute, cameras, strings, helium ...), purchase components via Internet, balloon trajectory simulations with varying parameters (size, globe, height, weight of the probe ...) calculations inflated with helium according to the parameters, previous tests: parachute tests, camera tests, GPS locator device tests, data logger temperature measurement tests, suitability of a polystyrene box for probe functions, coordination of work, distributions of tasks, designing a blog writing daily sessions, visit the Science Fair of Seville oral presentation with a presentation on the project, designing a logo, recording a report for "Club of Ideas" for a TV Channel, inflating latex balloon with 3.9 m3 helium, seeking probe according to latitude / longitude, study the obtained data, making different graphics: temperature/height, time/height, and edit summary video with best moments of the flight.


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