ODYSSEUS II, Youth for Space Challenge


Ιnspire young people from all over Europe and engage them in space exploration.

The Youth for Space Challenge - ODYSSEUS II project aims to inspire young people from all over Europe and to engage them in space exploration, through a series of educational activities, which will combine scientific learning with hands-on experiences. Through the organisation of a fun-oriented educational contest, in multiple rounds, which will target all pupils and students in Europe, wherever they live and irrespective of their cultural background and the language they speak, the project will foster the development of qualified scientists, engineers and technicians in areas relevant to the priorities of the EU space policy. Besides the objective of providing the Space Challenge to young people, the Odysseus II project will also strive to foster international collaboration and to attract attention to the field of science education related to space exploration. In this respect, the objective of the project is to involve national educational authorities and to engage with space industries and many science centres and space agencies across Europe on the exchange of experiences and knowledge on learning programmes about space exploration. Participation in the Odysseus II contest will be used as a good benchmark and indicator of how well space science and technology is accepted and integrated into the curriculum of different educational systems across the EU. Since educational competitions in general enjoy broader acceptance, the Odysseus II contest will also provide the opportunity for the space industry and national educational authorities to show their support for educational activities related to space.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Signosis, http://www.signosis.eu

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: general public, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Astronautics, Astronomy

Start year: 2015

End year: 2018

Url: http://www.odysseus-contest.eu

Contact person: Elena Tavlaki, Email: elena (at) signosis.eu

D2.1 Odysseus II Contest Core Elements Report (M4). Description of thematic categories, topics, contest rules and assessment criteria of the Odysseus II Contest. Blueprint of the knowledge and skills that the activities of Odysseus II Contest promote.

D2.2 Odysseus II Contest on-line platform (M4). A blueprint of the online tool for implementing the contest. D2.3 Odysseus II Contest Framework Set-Up Report (M7). Analytical plan and detailed description of the educational and operational context, themes and arrangements of the Odysseus II Contest.

D2.3, additionally will include the D2.1 core elements and D2.2 Contest on-line platform blueprint on the overall description.

Online Forum & Resources

The online forum will be operational as soon as the Contest is launched as it will be the virtual place for the mentoring programme. Also, the space science and technology resources will be compiled, classified and made available from the beginning of the project, and will be constantly updated and enriched with references and on-line material.

National and international educational activities on space exploration report

A report mapping all related national and international educational and outreach activities will be compiled and support the development of synergies with the Odysseus II Contest. This report will be updated on M20.

Odysseus II Space Champions Role Model

Description of procedures and actions that should be implemented to support the Role model for young people. Updated on M35.


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