Nanotechnology in the secondary classroom.

The project is organised by Nanodivulga UB (coordinator: Jordi Diaz) with the support of UB, INCN2, UAB and CESIRE.

NanoEduca offers sessions for middle school teachers, mainly from the areas of science, technology and mathematics.

The main idea of the project is to introduce nanotechnology in the classroom. Students will work on increasing human capabilities starting from nanotechnology, and around this activity on different topics around nanotechnologies.

The first steps (4 sessions, 15h) is to train teachers in the nanotechnology field following different strategies: 10h of introduction to nanotechnology (applications, introduction, ethics, nanomaterials, history, etc.), 5h to introduce a nanokit:

The nanokit is designed to create a didactic experimental material on the emerging field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, to encourage scientific vocations among students and bring complex scientific concepts to classrooms in a simple way. The project will reach 75 educational resource centres (CRPs) around Catalonia region.

The project was conceived in two phases: first the design kit, thanks to the previous experience of the applicant entities and the collaboration of teachers in the Specific Learning Resource Centre Support for Innovation and Educational Research (CESIRE), and secondly, the production, distribution and monitoring of the nanokits (this part is publicly funded by FECYT FCT-15-10278).

The next step is to use the nanokit in classrooma (15h) and the project finishes with a scientific workshop. During the workshop different schools will present a scientific poster and a jury of experts will choose the winning poster. The criteria that will be assessed are the accuracy and scientific depth, social relevance, originality and creativity of the scientific poster (this part is publicly funded by FECYT FCT-15-9623).

The project target groups are students from general and vocational schools aged 15 to 18.

Basic information

Country: Spain

Coordinator: University of Barcelona,

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Aeronautics, Applied sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Computer science, Chemistry, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Food science, Materials science, Maths, Medical sciences, Nanotechnology, Optics, Physics, Technology

Start year: 2015

End year: 2016


Contact person: Jordi Diaz, Email: jdiaz (at)

NanoEduca is focused on Nanotechnology as a part of various scientific disciplines, such as physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, ethics, engineering, and more. As such, it can be taught at various levels and woven into various types of STEM learning.

Nanokit offers for purchase a series of interdisciplinary teaching modules assembled by different universities, research centres and STEM experts on nanoscience and materials topics – including nanoparticles, introduction materials, magnetic materials, biosensors, ethics and decide kit, biotech materials, smart materials, superhydrophobic and hydrophilic liquids and exploring materials – and supports a virtual community of module users. The modules are designed for use in middle and high school science, technology, and math classes.


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