MAPPTIPE - Multimedia Application for Creating Educational Web Presentations


MAPPTIPE is an educational online tool, created and developed by the Science and Knowledge Foundation, Warsaw, Poland, serving teachers and students from schools at various levels of education to create a multimedia presentation, as part of teaching and learning in the classroom.

MAPPTIPE is a key functional module of the educational Web portal This service allows its users to conduct virtual classes or even extracurricular activities, in any field of knowledge, with a particular focus on the exact sciences. These actions can be organised in the form of lessons, tests, practical exercises, multimedia presentations, videos or animations.

Presentations created in MAPPTIPE can serve not only as a standalone didactic material shared within or outside, but they can become an essential part of its other modules as well, such as Groups, Courses, or Messages. This approach allows an easy, direct and intuitive means of exchange of knowledge and information between users.

It should be noted that MAPPTIPE has several features distinguishing it from other applications of this type. In particular its use is quite simple and there is no need to install any other applications or plugins. It is also a very user-friendly tool — its intuitive interface based on the mechanism of drag and drop makes the application easy to use and does not require digging through dozens of pages of instructions. Finally, it allows users to embed in its slides not only entire, fully active websites, but also mathematical, physical and chemical equations, and images of molecules through an additional tool for their visualisation.

Both and MAPPTIPE are available free of charge on a non-commercial basis for all individual users or educational and academic institutions.

Basic information

Country: Poland

Coordinator: Fundacja Nauka i Wiedza,

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: college students, education authorities, general public, parents, primary school students, researchers, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, university students, university lecturers, vocational school students, youth clubs

Topic: Archaeology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Computer science, Chemistry, Earth science, Ecology, Engineering, Environmental sciences, Geography, Geology, Information technology, Maths, Medical sciences, Physics, Technology, Zoology, Education

Start year: 2011

End year: 2014


Contact person: Bogdan P. Wróbel, Email: b.p.wrobel (at)

No research was conducted within the project.

With MAPPTIPE a large, coherent and substantially reliable base of multimedia educational collections has been established, numbering around 2000 presentations, which have been created and published in with an open access for everyone.

In an effort to disseminate knowledge acquisition among students and teachers a program "Teaching with Multimedia" has been created.

Furthermore two “Science Day" festivals and four school competitions and tournaments were organised in order to select the most interesting multimedia presentations dealing with the Internet and new technologies.

Besides 16 provincial conferences for teachers and others responsible for education have been held.


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