Going Renewable


'Going Renewable' aims at raising awareness about the issues of global warming and the importance of developing the use of renewable energy sources, not only at national level, but also in every individual's daily activities.

The project encourages young students at St. Ignatius College Boys' school to think of creative and innovative solutions in order to apply renewable energy in small daily actions through the development of individual school projects.

The main role of ‘Going Renewable’ is to instil a deeper awareness of the use of energy amongst students at St. Ignatius College and society in general in order to promote the benefits of renewable sources of energy. During the past 12 years, hundreds of students have been involved in a number of activities dealing with the efficient use of energy and renewable sources of energy.

Basic information

Country: Malta


Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups:

Topic: Ecology, Energy, Engineering, Environmental sciences, Physics, Technology, Education

Start year: 2002

Url: http://goingrenewable.webs.com

Contact person: Michel Spagnol, michel.spagnol (at) ilearn.edu.mt

'Going Renewable' encapsulates the following activities:

  • a physics projects developed by all Form 3 students
  • lessons related to the efficient use of energy and to renewable sources of energy
  • visits for students where renewable sources of energy are implemented
  • science fairs and exhibitions of students’ work
  • practices that encourage the students to live an energy-efficient lifestyle both in and out of school

‘Going Renewable’ generates innovative and creative results since once the students are equipped with the skills to deal with problems, they are more open-minded and flexible. Most importantly the students are encouraged to take action in order to solve problems. ‘Going Renewable’ encourages the students to be creative in solving their own problem related to energy and renewable energy sources. In doing this the students apply their formal physics knowledge learnt in the classroom to solve novel situations. Apart from that, the activity has also instilled a greater awareness amongst our students, past students and their relatives regarding the use of renewable sources of energy and today these individuals are more confident in considering the use of renewable sources of energy. This added confidence can be mainly sensed when discussing with parents and ex-students who have opted to adopt solar water heating instead of using electric water heating systems.

The project encourages students to develop their own Physics project that tackles specific issues dealing with renewable energy. In this regard the project presents possible model descriptions, resources and ideas dealing with renewable energy sources.


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