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Founded in 2007 at the University of Geneva, the BiOutils platform’s mission is to support the teaching of biology by offering primary and secondary school teachers the necessary tools and skills to realize modern biology experiments that are appealing to students.

Basic information

Country: France, Switzerland

Coordinator: Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva,


Programme: National

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students

Topic: Biology, Genetics, Education

Start year: 2007


Contact person: BiOutils Team, bioutils (at)

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BiOutils offers more than twenty « experiment kits » with the necessary and corresponding learning material. From genetic s to evolution and microbiology, many themes from the curricula can be studied. As part of a research team’s work, the platform creates new experiments on a regular basis in order to remain up to date with recent scientific discoveries. Interactions with specialists allow teachers to get the best tips. BiOutils also welcomes students for internships, for their diploma research paper, or for workshops. It also organizes professional development courses, laboratory visits and exhibitions for school classes and the general public.


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