Welcome to the Earth - Multimedia Yearbook on Environment


The main aim of the project was to create an interactive Web application focused on the environment. The application is free and available in two versions – standard one and Visually Impaired Web version.

The application called “Welcome to the Earth” which was created within the project presents a complex interactive textbook on environment. It consists of five new chapters: Energy, Waste, Soil, Consumption and Production, Transport; and three others: Landscape, Water and Air, which were created within the previous project. Each chapter is divided into three thematic parts related to natural science, socioeconomic and environmental aspects.

The textbook was processed in two versions - CD (sent to schools) and HTML (on-line) and in two graphic versions, standard with multimedia features and visually impaired version Web version. The text part is in the Czech language, because the project is primary targeted at Czech students and teachers.

Development of the application was followed by pilot testing at schools to adjust the software to school ICT equipment and to ensure that the content is understandable and relevant to students’ skills.

The text part is illustrated images and photos; it also contains graphs, charts and links to useful videos or case studies. Moreover, within the application users can use tests, interactive games and a glossary. One part of the application is specially devoted to teachers.

Basic information

Country: Czech Republic

Coordinator: CENIA, česká informační agentura životního prostředí

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Earth science, Ecology, Energy, Environmental sciences, Geography

Start year: 2010

End year: 2013

Url: http://www.vitejtenazemi.cz

Contact person: Pavel Ehrlich pavel.ehrlich@cenia.cz

There is no information about this project that would be relevant for researchers at this time.

Within the project, a high-quality interactive application focusing on environmental issues was created and made freely available via the project’s website. It consists of a textbook, tests, interactive games and materials for teachers. The textbook is divided into eight chapters (Landscape, Water, Air, Soil, Energy, Waste, Transport, Consumption and Production); each of them involves natural science, socioeconomic and environmental perspectives on the given topic. A part of the application which is intended for teachers contains methodological support, proposal of learning activities (especially field trips), prepared worksheets for students and other useful materials.


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