Ruka u testu: Inquiry Based Science Education in Serbia


Ruka u testu is a Serbian programme aiming at renewing science education in elementary and lower-secondary schools.

The project recommends that teachers implement Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE), which aims:

  • to renew science education in elementary schools, allowing exchanges and enhancing the development of good practices: teacher training, evaluation, on-line projects and dissemination;
  • to stimulate and support primary school education by experimentation, based on scientific method.

Led by the children in small groups, the teacher provides the answers related to the initial hypotheses. This approach involves questioning the pupils about the real world, phenomenon or object.

Basic information

Country: Serbia

Coordinator: Stevan Jokic, sjokic (at)

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Biology, Chemistry, Energy, Environmental sciences, Information technology, Education

Start year: 2001


Contact person: Stevan Jokic, sjokic (at)

“Ruka u testu” participates in a number of related projects, such as Fibonacci and Sustain.

An academic paper by Maria Bosnjak "Implementation of Inquiry-based Instruction in Realization of the Physical Contents in Teaching the Subject Nature and Society", University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science (in Serbian)

Five Conferences concerning education for South-east Europe. The proceedings are available in English.

More publications available weekly educational journal in Serbia, “Prosvetni pregled”.

  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects: On the steps of Eratosthenes, European discoveries, Living with the sun, The climate, my planet and I!, The screen, the brain... and the child
  • Free Pedagogical Kits for primary and lower-secondary schools, e-bulletins with instructions for teachers
  • Exhibitions: Sciences à l’école: quelle histoire! Nanomonde; Science festivals in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Podgorica (Monte Negro)
  • Website, the semimirror of the French website, in use (in Serbian) since the end of 2008, where teachers can find many important resources for work in classes
  • Training workshops for more than 3000 teachers


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