Eurogene: The Open Access Learning Portal for Genetic Medicine


Eurogene is an e-learning system in the domain of genetics that provides free multimedia learning resources for statistical, medical and molecular genetics and delivers them to students and professionals.

The project objective is to migrate towards more efficient use and development of higher quality (multimedia) didactic material on genetics through guided editing and assembly of educational packages, and the sharing of different types of digital learning objects among content providers.

The Eurogene web portal is the reference point for the sharing of educational content items and packages, and offering tools and services for content authors.

The Eurogene resources consist of presentations, reviewed research articles, images, videos and learning packages submitted by world-leading geneticists.

For researchers and content providers Eurogene offers services such as editorial and pedagogical guidelines, in order to improve the quality of didactic materials on genetics and to encourage the sharing of the materials among other professionals and schools through the Eurogene online repository.

The learning materials provided in the Eurogene resource repository include videos, images and learning packages on topics such as population genetics, chromosomes, and DNA.

The resources can be searched by topic, author, free text, resource type, language and educational levels. The resources are available free of charge for registered users, in ten languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Lithuanian and Russian).

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