ACCENT: Action on climate change - I do Campaign


The "I do" campaign brings together European science centres and museums to engage the public and schools in the debate on the issues of climate change.

“I do” is the message of the ACCENT project, which coordinates a European action on climate change, engaging the public inside and outside of science centres and museums across Europe throughout 2010.

With the words “I do,” the campaign promotes a lifelong commitment to tackling the causes of climate change. Throughout Europe, science centres and museums invite the public and scientists to come together and discuss the issues at stake.

The project partners surveyed the available scientific data and best practice activities on public engagement on climate change, in order to select those most relevant for the purpose of the project, under the supervision of a Scientific Advisory Board of experts. Materials related to these activities are shared in the project through the online resource centre, and used to structure the “I do” activities that took place in 2010.

Within the ACCENT project, the partner institutions hosted Local Citizens’ Debates to gather people’s views and perceptions on climate change issues. The results are analysed and published as a key outcome of the project.

“I do” collected best practice experiences that engage the public in the issues of climate change. These activities include exhibitions, exhibits, school labs, science demonstrations, participatory games, teacher training sessions, and lectures and debates. The resources will be available at a later stage on

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