Explore in Nature (Environmental education summer school Explore in Nature!)

For five days 30 students aged 7-12 took part in the environmental education summer school Explore in Nature! Every day from 9am till 5pm young researchers took part in multiple sessions to explore the environment, played educational games, and did handicrafts and sports. The summer school took place in Mārupe Secondary school.

The summer school ‘Explore in Nature!’ took place in Marupe Secondary School. 30 students aged 7-12 took part in the event for 5 days.

The Goal of the Project
was to foster environmental education.

Tasks of the Project:

  • To raise students’ interest in and understanding of exploration of the environment;
  • To develop students’ inquiry skills and creativity, by using knowledge and skills of science and maths and by seeing the importance of science and maths in everyday life.
  • To work out solutions for the environment problems observed during the summer school.

Basic information

Country: Latvia

Coordinator: IC DZM Ltd.

Programme: National

Project Acronym:

Target groups:

Topic: Biology, Earth science, Ecology, Environmental sciences, Geology, Medical sciences

Start year: 2014

End year: 2014

Url: http://www.dzm.lu.lv/aktualitates/08-2014/aizritejusi_vides_nometne_petam_daba

Contact person: Ilze France, ilze.france (at) inbox.lv

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Students took part in 5 multiple sessions to explore the environment. These sessions integrated the content of science and maths subjects. Worksheets and other teaching and learning resources were made for every session.


  • 1st session. Where to arrange a garden? - Students planned how and where to arrange a garden, considering such factors as soil composition, soil organic matter, and light necessary for plants.
  • 2nd session. Exploration of the river Mārupīte. Who lives in the water? - Students created the criteria by which to determine the pollution of the Mārupītes and its coastal zone. They determined levels of pollution, observed aquatic animals and did other observations.
  • 3rd session. Study trip to waste management company Getliņi Eko - Students visited ECO Poligon, watched a study film about the work of Getliņi Eko, took part in discussions and made presentations about waste management.
  • 4th session. Medicinal plants and their uses. Session in Botanical Garden of University of Latvia - Students learned how to recognise medicinal plants, and how to use these plants for both food and medicine.
  • 5th session. Composition of water and water purification - Students learned how to distinguish clean water from dirty water. In the laboratory they cleaned up water by using different kind of filters.

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