InnoMathEd: Innovations in Mathematics Education on European Level


InnoMathEd aims to develop pupils' key competences and their ability to use ICT for learning processes in mathematics.

InnoMathEd believes that pupils should be given a chance to develop deep mathematical understanding and to acquire key competences that are essential for lifelong learning, and to use ICT, especially dynamic mathematics, for individual and cooperative learning processes. For these purposes InnoMathEd develops, tests, evaluates and disseminates didactic concepts, pedagogical methodologies and innovative learning environments which focus on pupils’ active, self-responsible and exploratory learning.

To implement these innovative concepts and tools in educational practice in Europe, InnoMathEd develops strategies and courses for effective initial and in-service teacher education as well as various educational activities for teacher trainees and practising teachers.

The long-term impact of InnoMathEd on the European educational system is ensured by:

  • Distributing the innovative didactic concepts through initial and in-service teacher education;
  • Disseminating best-practice learning environments via web-based tools and print media;
  • Including policy-makers and education administration as well as the larger public in the dissemination processes;
  • Distributing the InnoMathEd results to the scientific community so that further research in the fields of didactics and pedagogy can benefit from the outcomes of the project.


Basic information

Country: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Volker Ulm
Tamara Bianco

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: college students, education authorities, general public, parents, policy makers, primary school students, researchers, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, university students, university lecturers

Topic: Maths

Start year: 2008

End year: 2010


Contact person: Prof. Dr. Volker Ulm, University of Augsburg, ulm (at)

InnoMathEd develops, tests and evaluates innovative didactic concepts and pedagogies for teacher training and mathematics education which support the project’s main ideas.

The good practices of learning environments developed under the framework of InnoMathEd are published in a book: Mathematics Education with Technology – Experiences in Europe (Bianco, T. & Ulm, V. 2010).

InnoMathEd also collected experiences with computers in mathematics education on European level. The results are published in a book and on a CD containing learning environments with various software. They are available on the project’s website.

InnoMathEd develops various educational activities for mathematics teaching that support the project’s main ideas.

The resources will be available at a later stage.

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