FICTUP: Fostering ICT Usage in Pedagogical Practices


The aim of FICTUP is to create innovative training materials describing teaching activities using information & communication technologies (ICT), combined with a tutoring process, and to assess the impact of the materials and tutoring on teachers.

FICTUP is a continuation of the Auperel (Analysis of the pedagogical uses of on-line resources) project, which showed that many teachers who do not use ICT frequently with their students would like to do so, but feel that they do not have the necessary skills. Auperel emphasised that these teachers need concrete examples of good practice as well as the personal support of expert teachers, at least at the beginning of their learning process.

According to this, FICTUP aimed to

  • Create innovative training materials describing concrete pedagogical activities using ICT;
  • Test out the idea of a close tutoring process between teachers who are experienced in using ICT for educational purposes and less experienced ones; and
  • Provide training institutions, head teachers and teachers with some recommendations based on the findings.

The training materials (pedagogical scenarios) were developed together with expert teachers (ETs) and partner researchers. A teacher who was inexperienced in ICT use (novice teacher, NT) took part in the validation of the materials to ensure the accessibility of the materials for other NTs.

The materials were adopted and assessed in nine test cases involving NTs who were tutored by ETs. Both the preparatory and implementation phases were observed, analysed and evaluated by the partner researchers. The ultimate objective was to improve the training methodology (tutoring and materials) and to distribute it among other educational institutions.

Basic information

Country: Finland, France, Hungary, Italy

Coordinator: Cyrille Raymond, INPL, France,

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: researchers, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Applied sciences, Environmental sciences, Geography, Information technology, Maths, Software engineering, Education

Start year: 2008

End year: 2010


Contact person: FICTUP Project Coordinator : Cyrille Raymond, cyrille.raymond (at)
FICTUP Partner / Dissemination : Sibylle Moebius, smoebius (at)

To support the “expert” and “novice” teachers in organising their mutual tutoring process, FICTUP created a model for carrying out the practice transfer procedure, including the tutee teachers’ individual tasks as well as joint tutoring meetings and activities (Figure 1).

Figure 1: A suggested structure of the practice transfer process in the FICTUP project.
 FICTUP transfer process

FICTUP examined how the model worked and how the teachers actually conducted the tutoring activities. Training materials were tested in real conditions by a novice teacher, and the whole phase was filmed in order to be observed, analysed and evaluated by researchers.

The results are presented in the national case reports, which describe the single transfer processes linked to different pedagogical activities carried out in all partner countries.

The Guidelines for the FICTUP tutoring model are the final outcome of the FICTUP project. These guidelines summarise the main aspects reported by the researchers and raises the key issues identified during the individual experiments of the original tutoring process, taking into consideration the various differences between them. Consequently, the objective is to propose an updated tutoring process based on the researchers’ analyses.

Each of the FICTUP training materials consists of a detailed pedagogical scenario of the activity, including the topic, objectives, material required, and also the students’ outputs. Each pedagogical scenario is accompanied by three short training videos.

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