The Kemma Centre for chemistry education in Finland inspires and motivates children and young people to take an interest in chemistry as a subject and possible career choice. Kemma's strategy is to make chemistry fun through positive experiences and the joy of learning.

Chemistry education centre Kemma is a part of LUMA-centre of the University of Helsinki. The main objectives of Kemma are to support in-service and pre-service chemistry teachers in increasing the standard of learning and competence in chemistry, and also to develop chemistry education and chemistry education research, keeping in mind the need to increase the interest towards the subject itself.

The services and activities of the Kemma Centre are aimed at in-service and pre-service teachers, education researchers, as well as for the children and youth. The centre’s library has a collection of research literature and school textbooks. Kemma also facilitates a meeting spot for teachers and students for studying, relaxation and coffee breaks. Online Kemma publishes educational materials, theses, and articles by prospective teachers.

Kemma collaborates with administrative authorities, schools and educational institutes, museums, the media, industry, and various organizations.

Basic information

Country: Finland

Coordinator: LUMA Centre of the University of Helsinki,

Programme: National

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers

Topic: Chemistry

Start year: 2004


Contact person: Tanja Luostari, tanja.luostari (at)

Kemma Centre and the Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education maintain a library of books, journals and other literature related to chemistry, chemistry education and chemistry education research as well as other materials that our clients, students and researchers may find useful.

In addition, materials can be found online on the centre’s website. The online materials include online publications, doctoral and master’s theses completed at the Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education, links to interesting internet sites and tips for teachers for practical work during chemistry lessons.

Scientific publications by Kemma’s Director Professor Maija Aksela and her research group can be found here.

Kemma Centre organizes in-service training for chemistry teachers on different levels of education. There are several different themes and goals for the in-service training courses that are organized by the staff of Kemma Centre and experts from different fields.

In-service training is mostly funded by The Finnish National Board of Education.

The themes for the in-service training courses include e.g. using automated measurement and detection techniques in chemistry education, experimental chemistry education, life cycles in teaching environmental chemistry, molecular gastronomy, ICT in chemistry education, laboratory safety in chemistry education, and in-service training of novice teachers.

ChemistryLab Gadolin is an authentic laboratory environment custom tailored as a unique learning environment supporting and developing chemistry teaching and learning. It also aims to deliver a positive image of chemistry and offer non-formal education in the field of chemistry.

The study visits for school groups and students aged 7–20 vary from two hours to longer study courses. All study visits are free of charge. The study opportunities include experimental laboratory work, computer modelling and visits to the research laboratories, including networking and interacting with scientists. Participatory and target-oriented learning and teaching approach is based on chemistry education research.

Teachers can choose the contents best serving the content and method objectives suitable for their educational purposes and curricula. The basics of the subject at hand are studied in school before the study visit in Gadolin and continued afterwards to support the meaningful chemistry learning and higher-order thinking. Most of the teaching materials are in Finnish.

Kemma also offers science clubs and summer camps to children and young people.


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