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The objective of the project is to encourage and motivate young people in the Region of Southern Denmark to choose scientific, technical or health professional subjects / fields of study in upper secondary education programmes. The project also aims at strengthen talent recruitment in science.

The project has three main activities:

  • Testing of role models in science. Targeted at lower secondary education
  • Development of science school projects. Targeted at upper secondary education
  • Attracting and retaining students' talents and interest in the field of science in lower and upper secondary education.

Basic information

Country: Denmark

Coordinator: Munkensdam Gymnasium,

Programme: Other

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, other

Topic: Biology, Geography, Physics

Start year: 2013

End year: 2015


Contact person: Jørn Andersen

The effect of the interventions will be evaluated by a University College in Denmark. An evaluation is conducted among students before and after the courses take place.

The Project aims at developing three main activities:

  • A number of courses in the field of physics, chemistry, biology and geography targeted at lower secondary school pupils. Selected students from upper secondary schools will serve as teaching assistants in the experimental part of the lessons in lower secondary chosen schools.
  • Three "Science School Projects" in three upper secondary education institutions in Denmark. The projects are developed in order to profile scientific, technical and health care issues.
  • Talent courses. The courses aim at identifying especially talented students and promoting tools to ensure these talents are fostered.

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