Inspiring Science Education


Inspiring Science Education is a project aimed at providing resources and opportunities for teachers to make science more attractive to their students. The project includes:

  • An online portal that provides with an interactive inventory of e-learning tools and resources from research centres and other facilities.
  • Communities of practice as the place where the collaboration between teachers and students will take place.

The project will be implemented through pilot activities that will take place in 5.000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European countries. The schools will be selected to participate in piloting the project tools and resources through case studies developed in cooperation with the local teachers.

The project is conceived with an integrated operational design whose outcome is a coordinated educational environment for both students and teachers.

The main outcomes of the project are the following:

  • Easy access to online tools and resources to be used in science teaching.
  • Development of scenarios and methodologies to support science teachers and trainers.
  • Revitalisation of a platform that can be used by both students and teachers in and outside the classroom.
  • Provision of ideas through which the students can be involved in scientific and research activities and which will motivate them to collaborate with one another.
  • A strong support network for teachers.

Teachers will be able to join the pilot project by contacting the national contact points online. Prior to joining the project, they will be able to assess the competences of their school in relation to ICT supported projects, by taking the E-maturity test.

Throughout the pilot activities, teachers will be able to access interactive simulations, educational games and E-science applications integrating them with extra-curricular activities. They will also be able to access remote and online labs, and relevant scenarios for their use in the school classroom.

In the communities of practice, teachers will be able to set up a community to discuss a specific topic, set up projects involving different schools or join communities already active in a specific area. In the inventory, teachers will find E-learning tools, teaching scenarios and lesson plans and guides and instructions.

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