MASCIL: Mathematics and Science for Life


MASCIL (2013-2016) aims to connect inquiry-based science and mathematics education (IBSE) in schools with students' future careers and increase their interest in careers in science and technology.

The project develops and organises training courses for teachers and trainee teachers on IBSE in vocational contexts and with support from industry and informal learning. Some courses will also be available online on the project’s e-learning platform. The courses start in the second half of 2014.

The courses are complemented by materials and resources for the classroom and teacher professional development. They are available in the project’s resource repository, together with notes for teachers, explaining the pedagogical approach behind each classroom resource.

Other activities include information events, student contests and roundtable discussions.

MASCIL is a design research project developing an intervention model for widespread dissemination and implementation of inquiry-based learning. The project’s intervention model draws on implementation and design research and on theory on professional development.

The development and implementation of the model is iterative. The current version of the model will be implemented and tested in the 14 countries of the project consortium.

The professional development courses – both for pre- and in-service teachers will:

  • focus on teachers' needs
  • allow teachers to reflect on their own teaching practices
  • present innovative methods teachers can use in their teaching
  • take into account contextual factors like assessment and school curricula
  • provide long term support for teachers.

During these courses, teachers will experience IBSE themselves through iterative cycles of implementation followed by a discussion how to integrate it into their practice.

Teachers can also search for learning and teaching resources in the MASCIL repository. The resources are sorted by subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and by students’ age (from 10 to 16).

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